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Your donations to the Department of Earth and Environmental Science help keep geology strong at New Mexico tech and surrounding community.

There are several endowments, fellowships and awards that support our department:

E&ES General Alumni Fund:  Used for a variety of activities that the department could not otherwise support. For example, the General Fund has been used to support student travel to various meetings and field trips (i.e. NMGS Field Conference, GSA Annual Meeting), annual department social events, and purchasing student field/lab supplies. If you have any suggestions for other ways to use alumni donations, please feel free to email or call Jaclyn Myers Ulibarri,, 575.835.5634.

Clay T & Sallie Smith Student Fund: Used to enhance “student field experiences” for deserving Earth Science students. Frequently this takes the form of scholarships to help senior undergraduate students attend summer Field Camp.

Anton and Anita Budding Graduate Research Award:  Used for E&ES graduate students to: (a) carry out field investigations in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, or hydrology; (b) travel to scientific meetings or to scientific centers for use of equipment not available at NMT; (c) acquire or fabricate special equipment or reference material unavailable at NMT; (d) cover hourly charges for the use of equipment available at NMT. The award is not used for tuition and fees or room and board at NMT.

Charles and Eula Park Fellowship:  Established for the benefit of the graduate students of NMT. Preference in the award of the Fellowship is given to students studying mineral exploration or mineral economics. In addition to academic excellence, consideration is given to an applicant's need for support. A total of $3,000 is awarded to a single student each year. 

Don Yardley Fellowship:  Mike Fitzgerald established an endowed fellowship in the name of Donald Yardley to help students interested in ore deposits and, in particular, to encourage them to get a well-rounded, practical ore deposits education. As a result of this donation, a master’s option in ore genesis and exploration was developed. This fund is used to support a first-year graduate student’s expenses in economic and exploration ore studies.

Robert and Christina Lochman Balk Fellowship:  Used for the benefit of NMT graduate students in the field(s) of sedimentation, stratigraphy, and/or paleontology. The award provides financial support for graduate students pursing M.S. and PhD. degrees in the department. Successful applicants will have a strong academic record and will be interested in pursuing research in the above fields.

Barkley Wyckoff Memorial Scholarship:  Given to students who have made contributions to Economic Geology. The recipient must be studying ore deposits, mineral exploration, or mineral economics. One recipient will receive $500 (sometimes two recipients will split the $500 award).

Rob Bowman Memorial Fund: Established in honor of the late Robert S. Bowman, who was a Professor of Hydrology at NMT for 22 years. The fund is used to provide research or scholarship support to hydrology students.

Mahdi Hantush Memorial Fellowship: Will provide a fellowship annually to a NMT graduate student studying hydrology. Eligible for consideration are those graduate students who have been accepted into the appropriate Masters or Doctoral program.

Allan Gutjahr Memorial Fellowship: Awarded to a mathematics or hydrology graduate student who is doing mathematical research involving a hydrology problem or hydrology research using mathematical methods. A one-time award, typically of $1000, is awarded each year to one or more students, with applications reviewed jointly by the Hydrology and Mathematics faculty.

Jerrald & Cynthia Durtsch Endowed Scholarship:  Used to provide a student majoring in Earth and Environmental Science, usually in the field of geology or geophysics, financial assistance to help offset the cost of books and/or lab/field trip expenses. Jerrald Durtsch graduated from NMT with a Ph.D. in Geoscience (Geophysics) in 1973. Typically, awards of $500 are given to one graduate student and one undergraduate student each year.

Dr. Allan R. Sanford Memorial Fellowship:  Established in memory of Dr. Al Sanford, a Professor of Geophysics at NMT from 1957-1997. The Fellowship is awarded to a full time Geophysics student (undergraduate or graduate) in the Earth and Environmental Science Department.

Dave Norman Endowment: Established as an endowed fund in honor of the late David I. Norman, who was a Professor of Economic Geology at NMT for 30 years. This fund is used for faculty and student expenses to promote the study of economic geology at NMT. The vision of this endowment is to eventually fund a permanent faculty position.

Rockhound Scholarship: Awarded to an undergraduate (not freshman) NM resident majoring in Earth Sciences. Special consideration given to Mineralogy students.

Thank you for your support! 

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